Other more detailed support options

Apple Computer Support in Wanaka bubbles logoTypically when contacted by a client who has a Mac problem, after hearing a brief outline of the problem, these questions get asked:
  1. How old is the Macintosh computer under discussion?
  2. What model [ is it a laptop or desktop and colour, better yet model and colour]?
  3. Is there warranty [1 yr. from purchase is standard, and this could have been extended out to 3 yrs. from the purchase date with an Apple Care Protection Plan]?

If the answer to [1] is over 3 years old, then more details of the problem are needed, and this clarifies if MacAssist can help, or  the nearest Apple Service Center is the better option.

If the answer to [1] is under 1 year, and it’s not an obvious software issue, then please use the Apple support number below, to access the year’s [back to base] warranty on hardware [software is not covered by any warranty], and 90 days of free [from date of purchase] phone support from Apple.

If there is a 3 yr. Apple Care Protection Plan, which has unlimited phone support, again refer to the Apple support number below.

One common support option often not mentioned at the point of sale is that every Mac comes with 90 days of phone support from Apple [see support number below].

MacAssist ¬¨‚Ćcan help in resolving the problem at a local level – a service Apple cannot supply, but it’s always a chargeable out service for¬¨‚Ć18 years of experience at providing solutions inc. hardware repairs/upgrades.

Charges are $NZ130/hour + GST, with a lesser hourly rate for large projects and on-going support.

iPhone support is available from MacAssist  to sync. iPhones / iPads with Macs, but again the best support for performance and reliability issues, is from Apple themselves at the number listed below.

Apple Support Number: 00800 7666 7666 [has to be dialed from a NZ land line then it’s a free call to Aust. and we suggest it be done during their work time, which is 2 hours behind New Zealand]


Apple Service Center:

Service Plus

6 Washington Way


0800 00 77 22

80 Crawford St Dunedin
0800 622 468


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