Setting up a new web site

Setting up a new web site:

All web sites need an address, this is usually known as a URL or domain name

Domain names need to be procured and then registered. As long as an annual fee (or for longer) is paid then it stays in the legal ownership of the registrant for as long as its desired.

The domain is then held by the registrar, and unless a privacy service is engaged on the owner’s behalf details of same are in the public record in an Internet wide database known as whois.

Registrars can be changed at any time by the owner, but technical skills are required to do so. Likewise ownership can be changed and although not so technical it is a messy process often involving actual paper and snail mail, as legally speaking it has to be done properly.

Since this is the story of setting up a new site, then at this point, where a domain is owned by a person or a business, apart from a holding page (often optional, and a means for the registrar to piggy-back advertise), the domain is not pointed at a space and files on a server somewhere, and nor is it active as part of an e-mail address.

To turn the URL on so to speak, means going into the registrar’s dashboard (password accessible by the owner), and entering what is known as DNS settings. These being the address of some server space that the owner has essentially leased long term off an ISP (Internet Service Provider).

Some registrars do of course provide the whole service.

And lets not forget that if the owner wishes to have an e-mail address that incorporates the domain name, then this has to be configured at about the same time as the DNS entry.

iCommunicate recommends as a registrar for domain names. Once procured (usually about $NZ22 each-if it shows more you may have chosen too many associated services not needeed for the scenario outlined here) then most client’s send the login and password, along with desired email addresses to Donald at iCommunicate and when server space is allocated the DNS is changed and the site and email becomes active

To protect/promote a brand, safe-guard against spelling errors or language anomalies it is easy to have multiple domain names, any number of which can be pointed at the chosen primary URL. Ditto with email (the careful use of each crafted address can give useful information as to where sales leads are originating from). hosting services are available on request – usually on space leased from a Christchurch based ISP, which can also host files in the US (handy if you have a dot com address or wish to sell to that continent). The service is well known for having very little downtime, being secure, and providing awesome support from real people who are stayers.