How to Subscribe using RSS

This WordPress web site uses blogging technology, and as such has what is known as a built in “Feed”.

This means that using appropriate software a reader can Subscribe to the Feed.

Such software typically will poll the blog every hour or four looking for changes, and if found will notify the reader of new content. This is much more elegant than having an incoming email clog our InBoxes, or visiting every blog of interest daily to see if there is anything new.

If the drop-down choices under the Subscribe button below confuse be aware that simply pasting or into whatever software you use, e.g. Apple Mail RSS button on the left, Google, and most web browsers [look for RSS icon/button], NetNewsWire, Feedburner etc. will initially download notification of the last 20 posts or so.

Taking this elegance and ease of use a step further, installing Growl, a notification software on a Mac can be an excellent next step.