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Actions speak louder than words.

I was taught this as a child and I’ve reinforced this idea to my own children, who are now teenagers. The proof is in the pudding, right—meaning, the way we know what another person believes in or stands for is not only in what they say, but in what they do.

And in what is done consistently, over time…

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Poet and author Brian Turner writes a letter to Westpac

One of New Zealand’s better-known award-winning writers – Brian Turner Рhas got something to say to Westpac. Brian sent this to us, giving a permission to post it up on our blog, hoping it will help others to write their own letters and make their voice heard. This is how it goes:

“Dear Mr Clare,

I‚Äôm one of New Zealand‚Äôs better-known award-winning writers. I am also a member of ‚Äì so I am told ‚Äì one of NZ‚Äôs most ‚Äòfamous sporting families‚Äô. What is meant by that is that I, and my brothers…

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Desert memorial…


Awesome memorial in the desert, but I can’t figure out why the shifting sands don’t cover all it’s stones etc. See what you think…

A friend told me to go to a certain latitude and longitude on Google Maps. When I noticed it seemed to be in the middle of an African desert, I thought he was just sending nonsense. But when I zoomed in, my mind was blown. I noticed a tiny icon that looked like an airplane. So I did…

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Nevis River Valley dam plan blocked…

As a regular recreational user of the amazingly beautiful Nevis River valley I’m ¬†rather delighted about this:

A controversial plan to dam Central Otago’s Nevis River for hydro power has been blocked by the Government.Environment Minister Amy Adams said today that a dam or diversion on the lower Nevis River would have major negative effects.

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Deepak Chopra – A Modern Glimpse into Ancient Relaxation Practices

As an ardent fan of yoga, meditation and relaxing, and even how hard trips in the mountains can bring contentedness, I found this article very interesting so thought I’d share it here via this excerpt…

Relaxation techniques such as yoga and meditation have been around for thousands of years. Countless generations have shown us that engaging in these practices can help us live healthier, more balanced lives. But, the question arises: How?

Learn more about The Chopra Center’s signature meditation & yoga retreat Seduction of Spirit

How do these activities – as simple as breathing or even thinking

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Not Resisting Resistance…

Good advice here! Thought I’d share it as it’s something I discovered in the mountains where weather etc. introduced the futility of resisting nature when she’s in full cry. It’s something we can apply to our everyday lives…

The building where I used to run a meditation group was on the same street as a fire station; one could almost guarantee that sometime during the meditation a fire engine would come rushing past, sirens wailing. Not surprisingly, people would afterwards complain: “How could I meditate with that noise?”

How often have we felt something similar? There’s an unspoken assumption that the mind can only become quiet if the world around is quiet. We imagine the ideal meditation setting to be somewhere far from the madding crowd—a retreat deep in a forest, a peaceful chapel, or the quiet of one’s own bedroom, perhaps. It is much harder for the mind to settle down in a noisy environment. Or is it?

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A Killer In Your Fridge ~ Sweet Poison…

“I’m not sure how I knew or had no desire, but I’ve not partaken for years, but many have, so this below is worth pondering on!

In October of 2001, my sister started getting very sick She had stomach spasms and she was having a hard time getting around. Walking was a major chore. It took everything she had just to get out of bed; she was in so much pain.

By March 2002, she had undergone several tissue and muscle biopsies and was on 24 various prescription medications. The doctors could not determine what was wrong with her. She was in so much pain, and so sick she just knew she was dying.

She put her house, bank accounts, life insurance, etc….”

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International cross country ski racing at the Snow Farm

Every winter I look forward to the racing series at the Snow Farm. It’s fun being involved, and as the competitors are at the top of their game world-wide, it’s nothing short of amazing to be involved so closely. A few are friends even, as they are Snow Farm regulars. And then every second winter there is the Winter Games… well actually this year under the moniker of the Audi Quattro Winter Games NZ. A pretty big deal proceeding the Sochi 2014 Winter Olympics happening Feb 7-23, 2014 in Sochi, Russia.

My favourite job is to arrive on site pre dawn, and help lay timing cables and place cameras and crowd fences…
Cross country ski racing at the Snow Farm

Cross country ski racing at the Snow Farm

My trusty 4wd camper is still going strong and takes on the roll of “cafe Toyota” somedays…
Snow Farm road

You may wonder why below I’ve omitted last names: well a couple of winter’s ago I was approached by a European newspaper wanting an image, but thankfully I was able to find out it was part of a “smear” campaign so declined them. I could have done without the time it wasted, so I now take a low key approach!

When my job is done, and dawn has broken, I then enjoy photography [some images end up world wide via my good friend Alexei’s promotion on the Salomon FaceBook page so I have “purpose”]. Here my friend Andy is able to still stand after a sprint…
Cross country ski racing at the Snow Farm

The world’s fastest woman on x/c skis Justyna from Poland shows her style, and lead…
Cross country ski racing at the Snow Farm

Brian on the left, whom I enjoy catching up with every winter [he once took valuable time out the evening before my first ever entry in the citizen race the local Merino Muster to coach me and help prepare my skis], is here neck-in-neck with Maciej from Poland, who eventually won. What was fascinating here is it was a classical race [not skating] and Brian was working with a new technique whereby he propelled himself 15 Km with his upper body, while on the theoretically superior glide capable skate skis. Maciej was using the classic kick wax under the middle part of his ski, so could “kick” to glide with each stride…
Cross country ski racing at the Snow Farm

Sarah [NZ] and Snow Farm regular, when not racing all over the world, is about to be interviewed…
Cross country ski racing at the Snow Farm

Justyna again well ahead of Daria from Canada…
Winter games Cross country ski racing at the Snow Farm

Daria despite an exhausting race end to the sprint, checking me out!
Cross country ski racing at the Snow Farm

Alexander, and another Russian come in with Canadian Devon, all striving to be the first foot through the lights…
Cross country ski racing at the Snow Farm

Daria, Justyna and Anastasiya [Slovakia] on the podium…
Cross country ski racing at the Snow Farm

Me, surrounded by lovely ladies Epp and Mary…
Cross country ski racing at the Snow Farm

Wanaka’s Hair Fairy Rika…
Merino muster Cross country ski racing at the Snow Farm

Good friend “Capt” Ron, gets close to Justyna for the start of the Merino Muster. Was he sacred he was asked, “Yes, I was worried I might stand on her ski!” Ron has since approached me for a copy of this image. Wonder if he’s got it autographed yet [footnote: in Europe these people are the equivalent of rock stars]…
Merino muster Cross country ski racing at the Snow Farm

Epp, here to check out how we run races with a view to NZ hosting a race on the World Loppet circuit, got to to present flowers. It was pretty nice to meet her as we have a mutual friend Christina who once flatted with me for a winter..Winter games Cross country ski racing at the Snow Farm

Those who complete Worldloppet races in 10 different countries, at least one of which is from another continent, qualify as a Worldloppet Master. They qualify for Worldloppet Gold Master if they have completed 10 main races, or a Silver Master if they have competed 10 races where some or all of them are short races. By standing of May 2013 there are more than 3700 master titles issued so far.

Actual racing distances may vary from year to year according local snow conditions, but usually, there are different categories: full distance (at least 42 km, the length of a non-skiing marathon (26 miles)) and shorter ones for children and less experienced skiers. For Vasaloppet, the oldest of the races, the full distance is about 90 km (56 mi). Some races are freestyle (both skating and classic are allowed), but others only permit classic style. via Wikipedia

I’d been humming and ha’ing whether or not to enter the Muster again. It’s been awhile. Thankfully [yes I can say this now looking back from the other side of post race tiredness], Epp twisted my arm. And it was great – it took me back to racing with my son…
Donald and Dougal, Merino Muster

So two days prior to the race, during a rush of blood to the head I signed up to try another 21Km classical style. And like my friend Sarah’s wonderful achievement of 42 Km in what everyone described as “brutal” conditions, I’m chuffed that I finished, and I had a bit of puff left as well.

Thanks Sarah for your encouragement as you lapped me, Alexei for announcing with much encouragement each time I passed Go, and of course The Snow Farm for the organisation. And to Snow Farm founder Mary, especially in the old days for not only correctly predicting I’d become enamoured with “dancing” on light skis, but for giving my son the means to learn responsibility for self in the mountains. It went like this:

On my first Merino Muster we gave him the job of looking after me at the relevant drink station. On my typically late finishing, he ran to meet me and crossed the line with me. This was one of those special parenting moments!

The next year as per the photo we raced together. The next off he went to Aust. to race sans Donald.

And in between Capt. Ron encouraged him to work in ski hire as a volunteer, further giving meaning to his entry into the teens. Big thanks there too Ron, and as usual it was a joy to be on the same course as you again!

Such is my mind of-late, and my body seems happy too!

Btw there’s some amazing footage of the above Winter Games on the TV3 web site [friend Alexei announcing], about 10 mins into the doco >>

Bye bye for now…
Donald Lousley at Snow Farm

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