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A very interesting and informative article by NZ’s reputable Russell Brown:

It was, wrote Rodney Hide in his Herald on Sunday column, “the trigger that finally ended the public fear of global warming.” The Australasian Antarctic Expedition getting stuck in sea ice was the “ironic event” that undid the “nuttiness” of ”the high priests of global warming”. Game over, alarmist ninnies.

Hide was so busy high-fiving his reflection in the mirror that one simple fact eluded him: he was only able to do because he is inconsequential.

Nothing really hangs on a celebrity newspaper column, beyond page impressions and the applause of a hundred-odd lay commenters who’ve had their feelings validated. It’s a luxury not available to people who are genuinely tasked with managing the fundaments of capitalism: money and risk.

Three months ago, the Smithsonian magazine blog ran a …

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