An Otago Odyssey into 2013

This post was hopefully the first of a few chronicling my mind-set and journeys of late, but having got this far I think I’ll keep it short and just post photos for awhile. To much navel gazing otherwise!.

Anyway here goes on a sort of compressed journey touching on and reflecting perhaps a little of the whole… the longer span of my many years blest to have lived so richly here in New Zealand.

Photos of spanning from 26th Dec. last year and a couple of weeks into 2013. Places and insights, a journey I never realised would bring so much to the surface – all in locations I’ve grown up with, and now see differently, interspersed with a few paragraphs from inner parts of my mind. No, actually more from the heart, and written at great speed leaving the editor on my shoulder behind [yes, done even with a timer – a new technique I’ve learnt that helps access the hidden “knowing” of ourselves]:

40 mins drive from home roughly and I spent the night at a modest altitude in the coolness on the historic Thomsons Gorge route, a part of the Old Dunstan Road that traversed from the coast [Dunedin and Port Otago] to the hinterland of Otago in the old days because it avoided having to cross the mighty Clutha River…
Thompsons Gorge, Old Dunstan Rd. Central Otago

Naseby for coffee and as yet the Odyssey factor is not apparent, but this was about to change…

My parents used to bring me to Naseby for holidays. He’s my dad Norrie Lousley in the camping ground sitting on the old ’39 Chev. he loved…
Dad reading naseby

Exploring the many historic gold diggings around Naseby…
sluicing gun Naseby

This amazing landscape is now sadly infested with wilding pines. You can see them just beginning in this photo I took around 1965-66. I’d do a lunch every morning and explore these areas alone all day, and used to enjoy using a map and compass to keep track of where I was…
Naseby pre trees

I never got to visit in winter and the thought excited me when I saw this postcard. So I bought a half doz. which I still have. Not many years ago I was lucky enough to traverse part of the range in the background in my camper truck, while on a fund raiser 4wd trip organised by my cousin in North Otago Search and Rescue…
Winter near naseby postcard

Life’s journey has seen me back many times in these landscapes, but the twists and turns have been many and I wonder if back then in those early days if I could have ever said “who would have guessed [or wished for more]”. The paths back then seemed concise, obvious and ordered, but it’s not so now.

On leaving the Maniototo and Naseby area I reached the east coast of Otago and headed to just north of Dunedin for some exploring of the Waitati area and Doctors Point…
Coastal Otago



Airborne Gull


Now days awareness seems refreshed and enhanced daily. Not long ago I’d have said it’s growth related, but now more thinking it’s like simply observing that my awareness can be observed more easily, and so all I’ve seen and remembered of my youth I now interpret differently.

The day’s drizzle did not encourage me to linger so I headed north up the coast to Karitane, a seaside township steeped in Maori history…

Taken on a more sunny day. My objective on this trip was to explore the obvious headland, the site of a Maori Pa…

Huriawa Karitane Otago

Huriawa Karitane Otago

Huriawa Karitane Otago

I found this old picture [1925] on the web while researching, courtesy
Historic Huriawa Karitane

Huriawa Karitane Otago

To read a comprehensive history of this coastal area this site is useful: doc.govt.nzHuriawa Karitane Otago

Many factors have changed re the new awareness as mentioned above. But which aspects in life!?

I used to do long distance bike riding a lot, ski wild places and partake of all sorts of semi adventurous pursuits, and they had one thing in common, a striving. Nothing wrong with this though – it gets results, but maybe it demands too much of a narrow focus sometimes.

Maybe we all need more of what this young fur seal was doing before I rudely interrupted, namely basking on hot rock in the sun and reflecting on life There were about a 100 of them doing this at Shag Point when I arrived at my next port of call, now in North Otago
Shag Point Fur Seal

When I was young my parents and larger family of aunts and uncles were right into fishing for trout and salmon. So it became part of my life to accompany them. They liked sitting on the bank dangling a tempting worm or two on the end of the line, but the areas we visited piqued my curiosity and I began to wander. Ultimately this led to a life long interest in tramping, mountains and wilderness.

Thats me on the left, then my dad, mum and auntie and that’s Shag Point just behind me, with the Shag River estuary on the right...
Family fishing shag river

Now days my life is filled a lot more diversity with time set aside deliberately to reflect. And the space thus created can be as profound and infinite as the universe above. There’s a lot of space between the stars, and maybe between my ears!

This was the first house I lived in in Oamaru…
Aln St Oamaru

Seems I was happy there…
Donald pram aln st

My mum and I regularly visited the Oamaru Gardens and I loved playing around the Peter Pan and Wendy statue…Oamaru Gardens Peter Pan and Wendy statue

Oamaru Gardens Statue

Oamaru Gardens

Onwards on my day’s walking around Oamaru, and I pondered the childhood home of Janet Frame the world acclaimed great author, near where I lived as a toddler
Janet Frame childhood house sign and picture

Janet Frame’s dream: ‚Äòfor our sometimes narrow, insular views to be widened by all means possible ‚Äì interchange with other cultures, visits to and fro, and for us to be able to recognise our worth and shortcomings honestly as a nation, without having to constantly boast or apologise. We need, especially in New Zealand, to be able to enter imaginatively into the minds and loves of other cultures.‚Äô 1983

Janet Frame childhood house

OK, I’ve run out of puff now, and time to write it all up, so here’s quite few images on finishing the journey that took me up around Oamaru’s funky Victorian style “Steampunk” area, the Waitaki Valley to Lake Ohau, and then home to Wanaka…





Oamaru Steampunk

Oamaru Steampunk

Oamaru Steampunk

Oamaru Steampunk Chev

James Caird replica in Oamaru

Oamaru Steampunk

Oamaru Opera House

Twizel canel

Sunset Lake Ohau

Dawn near Twizel

Odyssey over I returned over the Lindis from Twizel / Lake Ohau to home with no dallying. I guess when home of the day gets closer we all are just keen to get there!

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