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Moments in Time by Ralph Miller – Artist Dunedin

Donald Lousley Books

  Moments in Time...¬†Ralph Miller was a highly talented Dunedin artist who died in 1956 at the young age of thirty seven, but left over 1000 sketches and artwork that has been kept in the family for decades; some artwork is in galleries. A wide selection of Ralph Miller‚Äôs sk

Digital Cameras the Easy Way by Brian Miller

Donald Lousley Books, Shop, SlideShow

There is quite an “art” needed to master today’s highly computerised digital cameras and their manuals! Dunedin writer and publisher Brian Miller has addressed this by writing an outstanding little book, fact filled with solid practical advice

Otago Central Rail Trail easy guide

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This innovative pocket-guide will change the way people ride the Rail Trail in Central Otago. Over 10 000 people ride and enjoy the rail trail each year but too many ride each section without stopping to enjoy the side-trips. This compact illustrated guide packed with useful facts, cross-s