Moments in Time by Ralph Miller – Artist Dunedin

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  Moments in Time...¬†Ralph Miller was a highly talented Dunedin artist who died in 1956 at the young age of thirty seven, but left over 1000 sketches and artwork that has been kept in the family for decades; some artwork is in galleries. A wide selection of Ralph Miller‚Äôs sk

Search Engine Optimisation [SEO] and being found online – an overview

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Many owners of a new website can be quite amazed that it won't show in the first, or any search engine results pages. If it does appear quite quickly then it's either luck or good planning and hard work with attention to detail. Here are a few thoughts assuredly not covering every aspect - none o

Volunteer work on a new conservation initiative in Mt Aspiring National Park

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Sometimes I take some time-out to help the NZ Dept of Conservation do braided river multi day bird surveys, or to help even the odds for endangered species like the Buff Weka, and once even did a bat survey in the dark. In a joint venture with the newly formed Matukituki Charitable Trust, last we

Sponsors of the website for Wanaka and Queenstown weather forecasts by David Crow

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A Wanaka and Queenstown weather forecast site hosting the legendary David Crow's predictions has been sponsored by MacAssist for well over eleven years at no cost to the community...

Endorsements, appreciations, testimonials and recommendations

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[color-box color="gray" rounded="false"]My Knight in Computer Armour! For those of us not so computer savy - my mentor - my problem solver - my new equipment supplier - since introduced to computers in 1996, the patience of a saint and all at a moments notice! Karin  Cameron  Strawmark

Replacement hard disks for Mac laptops

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Up until recently a good replacement drive for a MacBook Pro was typically of a 750 Gb capacity with a 7200RPM spin rate making for a noticeable speed bump. In other words a better choice than Apple's offerings even on a new machine. And sometimes discerning owners would request the upgrade at pu

Responsive Web Site Design

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Viewers might have noticed that this site has changed somewhat of late. The reason was simple: to make it more simple! But most of all so it can be viewed on small devices such as iPhones and iPads. Because this is where the web is headed. This is quite a shift away from the style of so many w

A rule of thirds that works for any software project…

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An article in this morning's ODT got me thinking again about the huge NZ education payroll system debacle Novopay, especially as a friend just last night asked me what I thought [ans. was "probably the quickest thing would be to rebuild it"].     I don't claim to be a programmer, bu

Digital Cameras the Easy Way by Brian Miller

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There is quite an “art” needed to master today’s highly computerised digital cameras and their manuals! Dunedin writer and publisher Brian Miller has addressed this by writing an outstanding little book, fact filled with solid practical advice

Down to earth Kiwi musings and ideas

Donald Lousley Community Work and Sponsorship Down to earth musings and good practical Kiwi advice on the nature of living as a local or tourist in New Zealand, abroad, or on how to be present.